How to Wow your Audience with Inexpensive Designs and Entrance Arches

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The design and the space of your event are what an audience sees first the moment they enter the door. Event planners spend a huge amount of effort and money in creating a visually artistic and stunning design and more importantly, an audience takes a look at your entrance arches. We, at Create Specialist Fabrication Services not only build your stage for your event or decorate it, but we also offer entrance arches fabrication here in Dubai and in the UAE.

As one of the leading fabrication and production companies, we can build, install and produce all things that you need in your events. And to help you visualize and imagine what kind of designs you need for your event, we have listed down some tips on how to wow your audience with just spending less but having the most innovative designs you can muster.

1. Local Artwork or Photography
Inexpensive and impactful elements in your event are art displays. Some large displays can cause a fortune but if you choose a local artist or up-and-coming artists, this can help you strike a great deal – some may even do it for free, if you list their displays as items to purchase.
You can even host your event in a local art gallery for an artsy ambiance and hire a local photographer to document your whole event.

2. Layout
Brainstorm and choose the layouts that you will use meticulously. Create innovative tables, shapes, or risers – these can catch your audiences’ attention. Be mindful of the space and the casual seating in your event, to help your audience relax and have conversations with other attendees.

3. Food Displays
Make sure to decorate your food displays in a way that can spark the interest on your guests. Art can be used in foods as well, and this can also be one of your masterpieces in your event.

4. Fabrics and Papers
You can also use fabrics and decorative papers for your theme – cost-efficient and artistic, yes. These can be purchased at a low rate and you can transform them into decors that are functional and artistic.

5. Your Team
And of course, you need to talk and plan everything with your team. Utilize them, commend them, and give them words of appraisal. No one wants to be treated badly, so make sure you are being a good leader to your team and use them to their own potential – know each of them well and make them do tasks where they are good at. It can lessen costs if you and your team can do some of event planning and designing yourselves.

Event planning can sure be hassle and stressful. But with the right team and event planners, this can be pushed through pretty much well.

If you need anything regarding event planning especially in creating stages, decoration, and entrance arches fabrication here in UAE, you can count on us and we can promise you a job well done.



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