How will the events and exhibitions industry change post-Coronavirus?

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Exhibition stand contractors in Dubai know that behind every successful trade show there is a creative exhibition stand. From deciding which trade or stand contractor to finalizing trade booth ideas to showcasing your brands and products. Although it may look a simple job it takes lots of brainstorming and planning to decide the right trade booth staff. And to choose the right crew ensuring every guest to be engaged and interested.


Here is a look at some of the important factors identified by exhibition stand design companies in Dubai, that take care of your booth and the role each staff must play.


First you have the crowd gatherer, who is eloquent and creative at contacting individuals and asking the right questions. He has the power to draw people into a discussion, thus excelling at getting our guests interested in your booth. Some of your staff are naturally good at it, while others require some training.


Second, you have the entertainer, they are the soul of your event, they are sharp and present for running an exhibition, displaying new data, and they excel at dealing with surprises. They are snappy at a joke. However not all industry trade show professionals are open to humour, so it’s best not to give the entertainer complete freedom, always set for them guidelines.


Three the host, who is needed to engage attendees, welcome them, and cater to their inquiries. He is the one who invites guests and influences them, inviting them to have a seat and have some refreshment. They are great at body language and are responsible at attracting the maximum number of customers.


Then you have the service expert, who can answer their point to point inquiries and knows strategies on how to pitch them as fitting. For this job you need the genuine specialist, that is thoroughly trained about your services and products.


At last there is the people’s person, he is the crew member who is a charismatic salesperson. He can reach spectacular outcomes. It is important for him to be warm and welcoming making your visitors feel engaged and welcome. Connecting with them personally leaving a memorable impression.


Finding experts from your own company to play such roles is far more effective than hiring new employees. Since they already have the necessary information about your company, all they need is some training to be service experts and you are ready to go.


Exhibition stand contractors in Dubai is an exhibition stand business with strong presence and we are here for you for any useful tips and inquiries, so do not hesitate to contact us.,_Events_and_Exhibition_Stands/press_releases/how_will_the_events_and_exhibitions_industry_change_post-corona_virus

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