Virtual conferences and journalists are online events good, bad, or just different?

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This year all events were cancelled, postponed, or changed to virtual events. In a normal year June would be a busy event schedule, exhibitions, conferences, and so on. However, this year virtual event filled the gap and here we are going to share some guidance from journalists to event production companies in UAE and many other companies planning conferences in the future.


Virtual events attracted the press during the lockdown period, so journalists were asked on a survey about their opinion regarding such events and how good they were. The results were mixed, some of them said that virtual events succeeded in delivering the content, but the approach was different from physical conferences. Others said that they got the same results as in person events, whereas some journalists felt it was a waste of time and ended up not getting what they needed.


The positive side for virtual events was the high rate of concentration on content, however the negative side was about the lack of interaction, less opportunity to create their own content, and difficulty in getting answers to their questions.


So, for companies planning their events for later this year should know that the biggest reason for attending will be the quality of content and information being shared. Another big incentive to attend is access to speakers and to transcripts from conversations. And the biggest problem was about the difficulty of getting a personal interaction and follow-up on interviews.


Therefore, if we look on the future of events, we notice that for some press, virtual events were preferred to physical ones. However, for others the lack of customer access was a problem.


Accordingly, here are some points to consider if you are looking to maximize the impact your events can have media wise.


First acknowledge that content will drive the most awareness opportunities and plan accordingly. Provide journalists with great speakers and great content and keep things simple, stick to one speaker only.


Secondly pay attention to the way you deliver content, for instance pre-recording content is a more reliable approach, however, provide journalists with follow- up sessions with speakers and distinct interview opportunities.


Thirdly, organize your content and make it available and provide material to explain what is next making it easier to navigate and understand what is taking place.


Fourthly, provide journalists with exclusive stories and access to help them write unique articles to inform readers. So, target the right journalists and the right customers to witness a god result.


Fifthly, create something new and innovative to intrigue the audience and the press as well. Create interactive sessions, make it easier for them and provide material that is worth their time.


Finally, we advise you to plan and get the most of your investment, planning is key to success, for any questions we are glad to assist you do not hesitate to contact us.

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