The Ultimate Guide to Winning at Expos

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Most exhibition companies and advertisers assume the expo stands are directly proportional to the high return on investment (ROI). There is an explanation of why expo stands are identical with positive ROI. In this blog post, we will discuss these explanations.

Before that, we’re going to mention the various benefits of moving to an exhibition stand to understand the concept of exhibition stands.


What are expo stands?

Exhibition stands are predesigned structures. They are designed for comfort and cost-effectiveness. Without any technological experience, expo stands can be quickly built by a small team. Exhibition stands assembly and the removal process is a tool-free operation. It is a small-team task that can be completed in a minimal time frame.

The other and the older good option of exhibition stands if you are trying to customize every part of it are custom stands which are traditionally made from wood. Over the years, there is a clear shift in the exhibitors’ preference towards exhibition stands relative to design stands and this is why:


Expo stands can be reused: One of the most important reasons for the success of exhibition stands is because they can be reused. Made with aluminum the lifespan of exhibitions stands is stronger when related to custom stands. You can reuse it multiple times once you invest in an exhibition stands. The graphics on the exhibition stand are variable which allows companies to use the same stand for several campaigns. For minimal maintenance, the same exhibition stands can be used without any issues for 5-7 years.


Expo stands are environmentally friendly: Unlike custom exhibition stands are made of wood, exhibition stands are made of aluminum which ensures they can be recycled for other exhibits. Custom stands also need pre-and post-production maintenance, such as carpentry, polishing, painting, etc.., which significantly pollutes the fairground. That is why many show organizers worldwide refrain from using the unique custom stand at their premises. There is no post-processing involving expo stands at all that allows assembling and removing the exhibition stands a trouble-free operation.

Expo stands are easy to install and remove: As mentioned before, a custom exhibition stand installation process is a huge undertaking involving drilling, wood carving, painting, and polishing. A well-trained and competent team is required for that mission. Whereas an exhibition stand is a pre-engineered framework that allows assembling and removing a cake-walk operation. Many exhibition stand design companies and their exhibition stands provide a manual and audiovisual aid. With a step-by-step manual, anyone can quickly assemble and remove an exhibition stands without any technical assistance


Expo stands are travel-friendly: Exhibition stands are designed to offer a smooth and trouble-free exhibiting experience. Exhibition stands are built in such a way that they can be packed in small cases. They are extremely lightweight and are an easy and convenient job with compact packaging that moves them from one location to another. You don’t need a special logistical team to manage the stand’s transportation; your in-house team will be able to handle the transportation efficiently along with the exhibition stands assembling and removing method.



For the various benefits and advantages, exhibition stands have to provide, more and more exhibitors are choosing expo stands for their brands. While custom stands do have their own set of benefits, expo stands are a functional, cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative.
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