Tips for having the perfect photo wall for your event

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A photo wall or media wall is a must-have, for your event. This is where your attendees will take their photos from and can be a really good marketing tool – from where you can brand your event and promote sponsors as well.

Should you need any products for your events, we, Create Specialist Fabrication Services L.L.C. are in this field for so many years already and our experience made us top the others. We do plinth fabrication, photo wall fabrication in Dubai, and many more. We are your one-stop solution for all your events’ needs.

And regarding your photo wall, before confiding with any fabricators and producers, here are the things you should know:

Keep it simple.

Photo walls and media walls should create a good impression but that doesn’t mean it has to steal all the limelight in your event. Its purpose is to brand your event and promote sponsors – just leave it at that. Less is absolutely more. Design it with simplicity and of course, class. And, make sure that the design and theme are aligned with your event.

Put it in the right place.

Make sure to put it at the entrance or a place from where it will be seen as the attendees enter. It also works well with red carpets to direct your attendees’ path. Also, consider the possible photobombs that can come along with the pictures. Decide where you should put it appropriately.

Never put it last.

If you asked a supplier to print it for you, make sure that they will give it to you days prior to the event itself. You should also do your part, give them the multimedia files beforehand (like a month before the event) to avoid late printing, and also to adjust some changes within that span of time.

Keep a good lighting.

Avoid using a blue light and we advise you to use soft lights instead. We also recommend having truss up lights at the bottom of your media wall to make the logos visible along with the people taking pictures on your photo wall.

Be flexible, always prepare for the worst.

Sometimes things do not go according to plan. So, always be ready for plan B. during the span of all your preparation, this must be tackled also – the ‘what ifs’, or the worst-case scenarios and prepare for them.

And now that you know some of the key points about having a photo wall, if you need a supplier and fabricator, we can help you. We can design it according to your taste, print it with the best quality materials and deliver it to you days prior to your main event.
We won’t let any mishaps occur with your photo wall. We can do the perfect service for you.


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