This Year’s Must-Know Color Trends

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Getting a sense of where this year’s color trends are going for Event Fabrication & Production is an interesting process, to say the least. It depends on drawing on information from a multitude of industries like fashion, furniture, home décor, and international events design. Even following current events in the news can provide a snapshot of where color trends are heading in 2017, believe it or not!

There’s nothing like being ahead of the game when it comes to choosing the right colors for Event Fabrication & Production projects. There’s nothing your clients will love more than being on the cutting edge of color trends this year when you create for them with these hot trends in mind. After all, Event Fabrication & Production projects that showcase the year’s most trendy colors not only attract positive attention for your clients, but they also flatter your aptitude as a designer and a fabricator.

To get the hot scoop on where color trends are heading this year and to choose yours for this year events’ fabrication and production projects, read on…

The Year of Neutral Colors

We all know the neutral colors on the color wheel: black, gray and white (sometimes beige and brown, too). What may surprise some, however, is the prediction that neutral colors are going to make a big impact in 2017. Their subdued tone may not make them people’s first guesses, but, then again, these times are anything but ordinary. So, anything from rich gray to camel hues are in.

The great strength of neutrals is their dual-use ability. You can use them standalone just as easily as you can use them to contrast with brighter colors. It’s this flexibility—and, by extension, safety—that’s making neutrals popular for 2017.

Color Trends Based on Lifestyle Themes

Designers know all too well that color is actually a form of expression, based on moods, feelings and perceptions. This may help to explain why some very influential paint manufacturers is basing their 2017 color predictions on lifestyle themes.
They say that color trends will revolve around these themes in 2017:
• Comfortable
• Composed
• Confident
Let’s take the 3 Cs one by one.

The Comfortable palette features tranquil and soft colors, based on the idea that they can easily be spiced up by more vibrant accents of orange or yellow. Comfortable colors include, among others:

• Life Is a Peach
• Peek-a-Blue
• Everything’s Rosy

The Composed palette is a different story. Depth and intensity rule here, making these colors a perfect choice for those designers craving excitement and vitality and providing an ideal background on which to combine and layer other colors. Colors in this palette include:

• Polished Aqua
• Artful Magenta
• Laid Back Gray

The last palette is Confident, and it features colors that make and impact and are bold and unafraid. Think colors that can easily capture people’s attention and liven up canvases and spaces with their brightness. Confident colors include:

• Lemon Burst
• Jade Dragon
• Midnight Show

The rationale is that colors allow people to express themselves and be who they really are.

Restlessness in Color Trends

For some, restlessness figures to be a big factor in determining what colors are hot in 2017. Factors like spirituality, nostalgia, self-expression and a state of cultural flux are all drivers of this color-trend movement.

These have identified four, distinct color palettes that will make an impact this year:

Noir – Based on the theme of nighttime, noir epitomizes colors like golden yellows, moody neutrals, and Nordic blues to create a palette that romanticizes melancholy and darker hues for a dramatic though soothing effect.

Holistic – Colors such as wild browns, blush rose, and even artic neutrals define this unique palette that’s based on radical transparency and sustainable design. When amassing experiences becomes more attractive than purchasing items, you get this holistic color palette.

Intrepid – Aptly named, this palette communicates ideals of self-interest and forming one’s own identify. Because of this fiery energy, expect to see colors like caviar, sierra redwood, kimono violet, and citronella dominate this color grouping.

Unbounded – Heavily inspired by the immigration upheaval in several parts of the world, unbounded represents the reality that communities and people are moving towards more interconnectedness than ever. As such, expect to find colors like mudslide, Adriatic Sea, coral reef, sealskin and freshwater to epitomize this global consciousness.

What’s interesting about this color-trend predictions is their roots in a broader and more communal approach to understanding color and design. The themes that give birth to the various colors within each palette are based on universal concepts and realities like night, sustainability, self-interest, and mass migration.

Well, the broader themes for 2017 are tied into the overall mood and circumstances happening on the world stage, which are beyond most everyone’s control. Therefore, Designers looking for inspiration from 2017’s color trends have plenty from which to pick! Whether it’s the strong showing of safe neutrals or the confidence of brighter and more vivacious colors, incorporating them into your event fabrication and production projects goes a long way to demonstrating to your clients that you’re getting out in front of this year’s color trends.
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