The Important Value of the Signage to Your Business

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Business owners, particularly in business to consumer markets, have a crucial decision to make when they start or want to advertise for a business: “How and where do I spend my money most effectively to promote my business?”
According to a study conducted by the US chamber of commerce, numbers showed that around 50% of shoppers learn about your business by on premise signage, and less percentages were allocated between social media, word of mouth, newspaper, yellow pages, and television & radio consecutively. Therefore the most practical strategy for businesses to avoid failure is to invest in the best signage fabrication to build awareness for their business. Actually a good signage fabrication work will do a good job for your customers so they will keep coming back and tell others about your company.

Not only signage fabrication work is the most effective way to build awareness of your business, it is also the most cost effective.

This signage fabrication project is for an upscale high quality portrait photography business. Let’s compare the value of a sign vs the most common way for a business to promote a local business, a social media or newspaper ad. The cost of a full page newspaper ad in the area of this business is roughly $5000, with a circulation of 125,000 readers. If you divide the cost of the ad by the number of readers you get a cost per impression of $.04. Almost the same applies for social media ads handling!

This signage features sophisticated design that identifies the entire location with elements of the company’s existing brand identity. Did you ever notice that there are arches all over the place at every McDonald’s location? This photography business is selling a quality, professionally crafted product, and wanted their signage fabrication work to reflect that.

Starting with a ballpark investment of let’s say $30,000 for this project, you might think it is very expensive, until you do the math. Comparing this brand promotion to a newspaper ad, we’ll take the cost of $30,000 and divide it by $.04, the impression cost of the ad, and get a figure of 750,000 impressions. This business wisely relocated to this location in a high traffic area, with an average vehicle volume of 23,000 every day. If we divide 750,000 by the daily impressions of 23,000, we find that the sign has delivered the same amount of impression value as the social media or newspaper ad in 32 days. During and after that time, the signage delivers multiple impressions on the local prospective customer base, something a onetime ad does not do.

It’s very clear that a high quality, well designed signage fabrication work is one of the best investments to promote businesses.
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