The Amazing Architectural Design of Rose Pavilion

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Since Entrance Arches are a smart way to enrich and identify an event or location, shedding light on one of the world most brilliant fabricated architectural design is one of subjects we will highlight at Create today. Entrance arches definitely signify the start of an area or event, and it takes a whole lot of work and effort to make yours a unique occurrence that is emphasized internationally.

The “Rose Pavilion” concept was initially an architectural design that indicated bunch of roses made of glass and metal. In the evening time the interior lighting of this design can change the color that will depend on desire and mood. Many questioned if this Pavilion will ever be built, until a group of young architects developed it in a shape of Arche, under the direction of the innovative architect Dimitry Demin in collaboration with the ETH Chair for Computer Aided Architectural Design in Zurich, Switzerland. Rose Pavilion was designed for entertainment purposes such as hosting performances given by artists and musicians, and it was open to the public on the Polyterrasse of ETH which commands views over the rooftops of Zurich, and with a concert performance.

The Rose Pavilion design principles were developed over time after experimentation with both computational and fabrication techniques. The natural features of the rose have been translated through mathematical rules into an aesthetically beautiful architectural form using BIM methods and parametric tools such as Grasshopper, Python in Rhino that allowed for a great degree of control over all the levels of structure. The pavilion was manufactured using flat pieces of special alloy aluminum that were then bent with a CNC bending press. The robot was used to test and check for post bend deviation. The results from these tests were input into the script generating the bending angles.

They indicated a slight increase in bending for acute angles in order to compensate for aluminum’s tendency to return to its original flat state when bent using a cold bending process.

The Rose Pavilion unfolded to be an aesthetic spatial object as well as a revolutionary restructuring of a private, public and work space. The intention was of course to bring societal events, music and media art together under one pavilion.


Brilliant fabricated architectural designs like Rose Pavilion will always be a global addition for any societal events. Such Arches decoration and aesthetics complexity will definitely highlight the future fabrications’ arena to be a great approach to promote your large-scale event and draw to it the international attention it deserves.

References: of the International Association for Shell and Spatial Structures (IASS), Symposium 2015, Amsterdam
Future Visions

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