Styrofoam Fabrication for Easter!

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Styrofoam Fabrication for Easter! ( and other props you can do )

Palm Sunday marks the start of Holy Week and before we know it, it’s Easter Sunday already – the time for pastel and decorative props to celebrate Easter. Styrofoam fabrication is the most common way for you to create your own props for Easter because it’s easy to shape, cut, and craft. And making your own props at home will be the best time for you to have quality time with your kids because they are surely waiting for Easter, as well!

If you require professional help, however, for your Easter events, we can help you with it. We, Create Specialist Fabrication Services are experts in Styrofoam fabrication for different kinds of events. We give stages fabrication, entrance arches, fiberglass, and backdrops fabrication that can make your event look better, attractive, and engaging to your guests and attendees. With our fabrication services, you will be able to increase your brand awareness, consumer growth, and attract potential business partners.

And with the upcoming Easter, it’s important for you to have Easter props and decorations for the Easter Egg Hunt! And that is the reason why we have enlisted all the Easter props ideas and suggestions that you can create to make your Easter more fun and enjoyable.

1. Styrofoam Eggs
5” Styrofoam eggs can now be bought from different stores. You can purchase some and design each egg with however you like.

2. Easter Pillows
With the old pillows you have at home, you can change its pillow cover with bunny-designed ones and set it in the background to make your guests feel comfortable in hugging and sitting on it whenever they want to.

3. Handmade Easter Eggs
To make handmade eggs, you can use seeds or herbs like white chia, pepper, thyme or rooibos and apply mod podge or glue to let them stick together, then roll each and make your own egg! You can put any decorations on your egg as well, like glitters, buttons, ribbons – anything.

4. The classic Easter sign
Hanging or putting an Easter sign on your walls or tables will allow you to wish your family and friends a Happy Easter as a greeting. You can purchase from different stores or do it on your own. You can cut out each letter from a cardboard and decorate it on your own.

5. And of course the Easter Bunny!
Making your own Easter bunny may require different ways to do it. Allow your imagination to unravel and bring out your creativity. Some people use socks, hats, paper plates, origami, and crochet to create their own bunnies.

If you are going to organize an Easter event for a group of people, however, we can help you with all the fabrications you need. Allow us to take your Easter to the next level with all the decorations that we will create and make your Easter unforgettable and amusing for the kids.


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