Setting Yourself Apart From Rivalry in Fabrication & Production

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Companies like Create specializing in Fabrication and Production Services, Dubai, can; like other businesses, have their own competitive threats. It is something that cannot be belittled, but definitely dealt with and identified by part of a wise strategic planning.


Create Specialist Fabrication Services L.L.C. has sought to identify competitive factors while aiming to set itself apart from Rivalry as a professional event Fabrication & Production company that is part of Dubai special events industry and the design, production & installation arm of Invent Creative Event Solutions FZ LLC.


The biggest competitive threat has always been the competitors’ fabrication categories that offer more competitive pricing and quicker turnaround times. Create on the other hand offers a factual full consultation services and expanded Fabrication and Production capabilities. Each team member at Create has deep product knowledge and our firm focuses on that aspect that we know we do very well.


How do Create plan to overcome this threat?
Our consultation, design, fabrication, production, and Installation are the core of our existence. Our co-players are capable of understanding all types of event decoration and fabrication materials. We are employed to offer full service capabilities. Developing the first element – CONSULT is the key to differentiating our firm in the market. Some event materials are almost always an afterthought and widely overlooked in architectural planning and development. If we can fully utilize our professional resources to meet the client’s precise needs, we can set ourselves apart from the competition.


Well, what distinguishes our workplace from that of competitors is having the widest Fabrication and Production line range for a company of our size. And here comes the important question:


What makes us a One of a Kind?
Actually, it is really astonishing to make something unique from scratch and putting it on display. Maybe the one thing that is truly amazing is seeing our accomplishments when you get the chance to attend events. By visiting some of our projects you will experience those brilliant images of fabrications set at display. Our people are proud, hardworking and have personally sacrificed to find our success. Our company is supporting all the development witnessed by Dubai manufacturing and fabrication jobs.


A final word…
We will continue to set ourselves apart aby establishing our brand and earn a positive reputation with design professionals and architects, while utilizing our Fabrication and Production expertise to meet client fabrication and installation precise needs.

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