This, Not That: 10 Easy Swaps to Keep Your Live Events Safe During the COVID-19 Era

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As event organizers began to rearrange small events, find out easy, health abiding criteria to keep your guests safe. Here is a list of fun and easy changes that will keep your event safe and successful.


Use digital invites, it is a more sanitary and eco-friendly choice, plus they give you the chance to explain safety precautions in advance. You can share logistics, such as how large the gathering is, what materials are provided (masks…) and instructions.


Start your event with gifts, items that could be used throughout the event, like masks, hand sanitizers, phone cases, you choose.


Get creative with masks to give your event a unique taste, you may write attendees names on masks, ask attendees to bring their own branded masks with uniforms, or you may even list menu items on hosts’ masks.


At event production company in Dubai, we are aiming at going digital to provide a contactless experience. Guests can use their smartphones to scan QR code as they enter. Use technology to engage your guests, whether you host a trivia game that your guests can play on their mobiles or invest in display screens so that attendees have a good view without moving.


Ask your guests to bring their own headphones, thus eliminating communal items. You may also invest in disposable take-home earbuds as well.


To promote social distancing, you may prepare a pre-planned seating chart. Use guests’ feedback, background, and relationships to create suitable and enjoyable pairing. Provide stylish furniture with barriers such as plants or different props.


Be innovative and make sanitization the center of attention, you may camouflage the sanitation station to suit the theme of your event. This will be a constant and incognito reminder for people to wash their hands. Or you may use hand sanitizers and make stylish related designs on it.


Use disposable dress up, this will keep your guests safe, and you can get creative with it and with color schemes and making it eco-friendly by providing recycling stations at hand.


What’s an event without refreshments, however it is challenging when it comes to sanitization? Therefore, consider pre-squeezed juices or you may serve pre-packaged cocktails. Make sure to disperse refreshments into various areas which will ease the traffic on a single bar.


As for food and drink’s orders, people should be able to order from their mobiles and be notified when their order is ready.


For any further information and for any assistance do not hesitate to contact us at our event production company.

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