You Need A Production Company For Your Virtual Event And Here’s Why

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With countries are shutting down and pandemic measures put in place, virtual experiences seem to be the only choice planners have to survive. People need more than ever to feel connected, and build meaningful relationships, therefore putting together a virtual event is something you want to do rather than something you a must do.

Most professionals are handling this transition quite well, however there are still few misconceptions regarding the difference between a virtual event platform and a virtual event production company. In this article we will explain the difference between these two and why they are both necessary to put together a successful event.

Event production companies are much like a toolbox that you need to assemble any piece together, and the platform is the place through which your attendees, your sponsors, your speakers, and the entertainment connect all together. Much like a venue in a live event where everyone comes together, the same is with virtual events, you need a platform where everyone may gather. There are plenty of platforms available in the market, from simple minimal features, to complex and various features like polling, breakout rooms, chat rooms, everything you might need to keep everyone engaged as much as possible.

A platform alone is not enough, you still need the toolbox to assemble your piece, like in live in-person events you need AV, catering, and production, the same with virtual event you need a production company by your side.

When looking for an event production company in Dubai you will want to look for professionals, who have been in the business for years and knows every aspect of virtual events. A production company can match you with the solution you need that fits your needs. Saving you the time and energy to do hours of research, they will study it for you and choose the platform you need, saving you from the uncertainty of your choices.

Secondly, a production company can help you save your money, in case you had an in-person event that got cancelled, they can help you reuse most things that you already payed for in  your virtual event, like scheduling platforms, attendee management software and apps.

Thirdly, they will design the perfect experience for your event, since not all virtual events are alike, a production company will help you make the experience unique with breakout rooms, sponsor activation, small meetings, and entertainment.

Fourthly, a production company can train your speakers and guide them with the best practices. Speakers on virtual event must be more engaging, more charming, and interesting to hook the attention of attendees, and many of your speakers may lack the experience regarding virtual events. Here comes the role of a production company to train your speaker, including all practices associated with engagement, background, content, and the presentation as well.

Finally, a production company is the backup you will wish you had when facing last minute emergencies. In virtual events you will need people familiar with website building, and live streaming technology, in addition to specialists who know the best way to ensure sound, audio, and lighting quality. Therefore, hire your own virtual event production company and do not hesitate to contact us for more discussions and questions you might have.

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