Most Efficient Promo Items for Successful Exhibitions

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You’re ready to take exhibitions season by storm, but you need Exhibitions and promotional items that make a real impact. However, your company’s budget isn’t bottomless. Anything you choose from event props, decoration, or photo walls and other promotional items must deliver efficient and effective marketing that draws in attendees and reinforces brand awareness. Many companies put their logo and colors on their stands or tents and table banners, but you need to go a step further. Consider adding the following Exhibition Promo Materials to your list and we at Create Specialist Fabrication Services LLC; will help you bring what you choose off to the exhibition event.

Pop-Up Display Walls

What happens when attendees get closer to your exhibit and they no longer see the prominent branding at the top of your booth? Get your branding put on the walls of the booth so it’s front and center no matter where your visitors stand. You have plenty of space to add details about your new products and services, or present additional company information. Attendees may spend a significant amount of time in front of this wall, depending on how engaged they are with your booth, so make sure that you put a lot of thought into the messaging for this area.

Roll-Up Banners

Space is at a premium when you’re running the exhibition trade, Roll-up banners as an important exhibition promo material give you a versatile promotional option that easily fits into your truck and adapts to your booth’s environment. You can place these banners in the tent, around the outside, on your table or in many other locations. If a disaster happens and you end up missing key parts of your booth setup, a roll-up banner can also give you a backup plan.

Cross-Table Cloths

Want to move away from the standard table covers that it seems like everyone has? Cross exhibition promo table covers give you a set of slanted covers that create a modern and high-end look that helps you stand out. You can swap the position of the set to change your look throughout the day, and you have plenty of space for branding and marketing messages.


Flags are among brilliant exhibition promo materials that can catch the eye when you use them to guide attendees into your booth. They also work well in a variety of environments, which is useful when you go to new shows and you aren’t entirely sure what to expect. Multiple shapes allow you to match your company’s style with the flag design and reinforce your overall messaging. You may want to use flags to generate excitement among visitors, such as announcing a contest or a special speaker.

Back Wall Banners

Exhibition banners give you another opportunity to build brand awareness and help attendees understand what your company does. They’re convenient and easy to carry, are affordable and easily attach to the poles of your booth. If you have a specific presentation you’re giving or product you’re showing off, these back wall banners can give them key points to remember.

Get the most out of your efforts by packing the most efficient and custom made exhibition promo materials to achieve marketing and branding success.

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