Incredible Easter Eggs Décor & Fabrication from Around the World!

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While you were scoping out your spring break destinations, we bet you totally forgot to research the holiday traditions of those faraway locales. Easter’s right around the corner, and it turns out we’re not the only ones obsessed with event decoration fabrication and the making of those beautiful Eggs. So while following up with décor & fabrication news for Easter, we’re sharing some of the prettiest and most decorative Easter eggs from across the globe. Hold on to your Easter basket and get ready to take a trip around the world in 10 decorated eggs.

1. Japan: If we are to think Japan, then the event decoration fabrication mission would go for pasting dark red, blue, black and white strips of paper onto the egg to make the design.

2. Czech Republic: Emitting an ambiance for your Easter with Décor & fabrication to reflect Eastern Europe culture is very brilliant. This master egg decorating technique requires weaving different thin metal wires around empty egg shells.

3. Poland: Using a sharp knife to scratch pictures into eggs doesn’t seem like the easiest way to decorate them, but that’s exactly how they do it in Poland.

4. Switzerland: The Swiss believe that wells are a source of life. Since Easter is celebrating new life, it makes sense that they go for decorating their wells with Easter eggs.

5. Egypt: Eating colored, boiled eggs is an Easter tradition that dates back all the way to the Pharaohs. Using vegetables to color the eggs gives them an extra little oomph in taste.

6. Mexico: Easter confetti? That’s what these eggs from Mexico provide. They’re called “Cascarones”, and they’re so much fun to smash on your friends’ heads.

7. Germany: In some parts of Germany, you’ll see that some kind of trees are absolutely covered in colored Easter eggs. We think we can apply this to some event decoration fabrication around Easter here!

8. South Africa: The famous “Diepkloof” egg that was decorated probably 60,000 years ago is still displaying its beauty today. In South Africa, Easter event’s decoration fabrication reveal some of the 270 fragments of engraved ostrich egg that archaeologists have collected from years of excavation at the Diepkloof Rock Shelter in South Africa.

9. Canada: Definitely we are talking about the giant egg that is found in Alberta, Canada. It’s actually the largest in the world, and it’s found in Alberta, Canada.

10. Slovenia: If you want to see some next-level egg decorating, check out these Slovenian masters, who carve out designs from empty eggshells. Amazing ideas that can light up your Easter event decoration fabrication like few can.

Have you witnessed any unique Easter traditions while traveling? Have you tried any Easter décor & fabrication in previous Easter seasons? Post us your story and comment below!

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