How Good Exhibition Lighting Can Enhance Your Exhibition Stand

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Participating in a trade show is a major responsibility. Before you can end up on the show floor, there are so many steps to take; it becomes hard to decide which ones are important to your ROI wellbeing. So here are five thoughts that we find important to your lighting inclusion in the trade show.


Last year was the perfect time to book your exhibition space for this year. Booking your exhibition stand design well in advance is critical if you want to get the most out of it. Booking your space well in advance allows you a lot of choices while determining how to place the lighting of your stand. Few exhibition stands offer their spaces at reduced rates to exhibitors who book early with them. So don’t wait to get in contact with trade show organizers. It will allow you some breathing room to prepare the plans for your exhibition stand.

Trade Show

The size of your stand space and the show you can manage to perform in will be decided by your budget. So waiting to take part in the most successful trade show inside your business is a good idea. Why? So you’re more likely to get high-quality leads and a decent ROI on the time and effort you’ve spent. So how do you know if the trade show you plan to join is popular? Fine, there are several ways; you may ask for feedback from peers on which trade shows are good. Many trades show report information about their event, which includes many guests, footfalls, and the number of registrations. You can use these as a reference point to determine if a specific trade show is suitable for you.


Your objectives will describe what kind of exhibition stand you require. For example, if you’re looking to encounter more prospects you will need to include seating arrangements, refreshments, and reception counters. You will also need to reserve meeting and private rooms to communicate with clients. In the case of product presentations, measures should be taken of the space to accommodate stock shelves and tables for product display. You will also need to build audio and video presentations of your brands to draw in the audience. So you’ll need to design your exhibitions stand in a way that focuses on branding or leads generating. The exhibition stands ideas you want to go with on will also be subject to your trade show objectives.


If you had taken our advice into consideration and reserved your exhibition stand early, then you would have had several options to pick up your location at the trade show. In such a scenario, before selecting an alternative, you need to consider different factors. The traffic patterns, location of entrances, exits, traffic flow, and lounge areas will need to be measured. All of this affects the flow of visitor traffic. Although it might be appealing to always choose the entrance, visitors sometimes end up passing the entrance without paying any attention to the nearby exhibition stand. Alternatively, you could choose a spot near the cafeteria or conference stage based on your stand size, this will guarantee that you will have a steady flow of people passing through your exhibition stand.

Trade shows are a perfect way to grow your business but if not handled properly, they can be stressful and exhausting. Proactive preparation is the key to a successful event. Effective communication between all parties can minimize uncertainty and mistakes opportunities. It is tremendously valuable to work with exhibition stand contractors in Dubai that you can rely on to get the job done right. Their relationships and expertise should greatly streamline the process so you can concentrate on the show’s important part. Good partners will lead to higher revenue and an extremely successful event.

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