Guide to Event Furniture for the year 2020

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You can easily select the right event furniture position by searching through the floor plan of the show. But the availability of the perfect stand area depends entirely on how much you book early on for an exhibition. To do this, you need to first determine which kind of stand space will suit your brand objective for exhibiting and what are the different marketing tactics you want to encourage.

Many experienced event furniture contractors propose that booths near cafes, seating areas are likely to gather high traffic compare to other areas. Check the columns in your display stands space, as it has a lot of effect on your display area. Find out which company will be showing next to you. If it’s a big company, it can work in your favour as the high traffic can allow you to attract potential customers.

Here are some suggestions for the best strategic location to be decided.

Attraction and engagement is a must
Did you think about how you could get people involved in the event furniture? It’s important to have the best show stand but if you don’t attract people with interesting deals or creative ideas, they won’t stay on your stand for a long time. You should seek specific elements that will help to render your stand interactive.

Estimation of the best stand location
Finalizing your exhibition booth space should be a well-thought-out operation. To make a good estimate on the best possible position of the exhibition stand, you have to consider the below factors:

Seminars and lectures
In the field of the corresponding exhibition, many exhibitions hold seminars or conduct readings on a certain theme. These meetings are usually held in a conference room which is directly connected to the “exhibition floor.” Many visitors plan to tour the exhibition as they would like to take part in such a seminar. The area around this conference room could be a perfect location for your exhibition stand as it attracts “traffic” and you can rest assured that your exhibition stand can draw future visitors to this environment.

Terrace – catering on the exhibition floor
Another definition of a “stop” or “assembly point” like this is a terrace that serves snacks or beverages. Visiting an exhibition is a stressful experience, and areas where people can stop, relax and eat or drink are typically interesting places for your event furniture because they generate a lot of “traffic.”

Special features on the exhibition generate extra “traffic” coordinated by the company or fellow-exhibitors. The rest of the show’s visitors are bound to pay this ‘attraction’ a visit. Most activities are typically held on trade fairs, which allows people to stop to take a look.

Exhibition stands ‘in the course’
Corner stands, which are one side open display booths, typically receive the most consideration if the open side of the stand is placed in the course. That’s normal because this is the only way people will fully enjoy your event furniture to the maximum. Therefore, it is necessary to anticipate visitors ‘routing’. You can never be 100% sure about this routing, but people generally tend to give more/faster attention to stands that are placed on the right side of their route. It is for this purpose that stands along the path are popular, although it normally includes smaller stands.

Just as with many publicity channels, you need to hold a tab on your rivals at exhibitions. Do you mind if your event furniture construction is situated next to or across your competitor’s stand? In some cases, the organizers try to put all companies together in the same line of business, as it will be much easier for visitors to locate all of these vendors.

A good place for an exhibition stand is essential for success
A good location for event furniture is the key to success with the right exhibition stand, enthusiastic workers and a persuasive advertisement, nothing seems to stand in the way of effective show attendance. But then you need to have your stand in a good place. Therefore, evaluate in advance objectively the suggestions and insights in this post, and choose carefully.

The event furniture is something to be taken very seriously. It is a detail often overlooked by fashion and design but should certainly be considered at least on the same level of importance.
The secret to this is planning. Think about what you want to achieve and whom you want to attract. Above all, the design is around your limitations.

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