Expos Don’t Work Well in a Virtual Environment

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Is there a perfect virtual platform for replacing lost exhibition stand revenue? The cold truth is that no virtual expos will ever be able to replace the revenue generated from in-person exhibition stand design companies in Dubai.


In the past, companies used to hire exhibitions stand contractors in Dubai, to build and maintain their displays, however in the virtual world, exhibitors are asked to build a custom booth on the platform, giving it minimal effort.


In addition, for in-person exhibitions, most shows are actualizing paid exhibitor participation where the average amount paid per exhibiting company varies according to the show, while for virtual platforms, booth visits and downloads and the quality of interactions are not reaching the same rate as in the face-to-face expos. And they end up being a customized digital advertising space rather than being an interactive deal-making spaces.


On the other hand, even though these virtual expo predictions seem uncomforting, however organizers still have a chance to make a positive impact and go all in with sponsorship. Thus to create a virtual sponsorship success you need custom sponsorship packages , sponsors benefits that provide VIP access, senior leadership that will open up opportunities with major investors, and at last major investors who have high potential of renewal.


To sum it up, it is a known fact that virtual platforms can never be as engaging and successful as in the face-to-face expos, at least for the time being, however there are plenty of adaptations and creative ideas to make them useful and serve your goals as much as possible. For more insights and up to date ideas stay tuned.




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