Event Props, Kiosks, Tokens, and much of Custom Event Promotional Builds for a Tremendous Buzz – Dubai

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Taking your event to the next level is no easy task, it actually takes pronounced efforts, great skills and turnkey solutions that few have around in event and fabrication industry. This special dexterity in conceiving, designing, building and delivering a quality event product is exactly what we think of when producing an event the size of Dubai in glamour.

Perfection requires time, commitment and expert knowledge, and perfection is what we always seek here at Create Specialist Fabrication Services, Dubai – UAE.

So whatever your event fabrication and production requirements are, we know just what it takes to create the difference. Whether they’re stage backdrops, Styrofoam event props, fiber glass decoration pieces, or any of custom event promotional builds – just name it! We are here ready and capable of handling the design, the fabrication, the installation, the removal and even the storage whenever required.

Looking back at the great events held all around Dubai attractions, it is very impressing to check our fabrication work for the life size gaming activation such as Monopoly at major malls in Dubai, which was built and delivered by Invent.

The event comprised a 14 complete days of unlimited fun and winnings with over 12,000 players and 3 winners every 10 minutes. Attendees could make the best out of the 1 million cash prizes and enjoy an unmatched fun for the whole family members to remember for years and years to come.

The Monopoly production part with the right custom event promotional builds was the touch such a successful “Shop, Play, and Win” event needed to be the focus all through Mall of Emirates, City Center Mirdif, and City Center Deira, Dubai, generating an electrified media coverage and unmatched social media buzz.


Link of Monopoly Case at http://www.create-uae.com/case_studies

Variety of materials such as wood, Styrofoam, fiber glass plastics, fabrics, and metals were utilized to design, fabricate and install fabulous event props, kiosks, tokens, decorations, and much of custom event promotional builds.

The strategic collaboration with other industry professionals’ and the special technique and technology blend enables us to offer all, the distinctive quality design for an event to create a real buzz and to exceed all expectations.

Create Case Studies http://create-uae.com/case_studies

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