Are Drive-In Theaters the Future of Events?

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Events professionals suggest that drive-in theatres can bring back to life product launches, movie screenings, and many types of events.


Event production companies in UAE began brainstorming ideas on safe ways for live gatherings’ return. Drive-in theatres are an interesting and feasible idea, where the team envisions custom-built drive-in theatres that can be used for movie premieres and other types of events.


This would bring a sense of nostalgia and at the same time it allows the respect of social distancing, it is honorable as well to bring back something that has been extinct. Plus, it is a way to make your event special.


The procedure would include a large parking lot with a custom-built screen, with careful organization to minimize guests’ movements. Each guest must have an assigned arrival time depending on their chosen parking spot, and once the show starts the audio will be brought to each car through a low-frequency FM station and of course all equipment must be packaged and sanitized.


As for the settings you can get creative as much as you want, you may add vignettes along the route, or you may add custom scenic elements.


You may also create custom phone apps with games that could be played in cars, like a tiktok challenge or social media challenges. Which will entertain your audience at home and create an ad for your event at the same time.
Regarding the staff, you need guards to roam around cars, entrance hosts, attendants for restrooms which must be cleaned after each use. All staff must respect social distancing and wear gloves and masks.


This idea of drive-in theatres allows sponsors to integrate concepts, such as adding their logos and branding on side screens, digital tickets, and concessions.


You may go further with this drive-in idea to use it for weddings, graduation, or other special events. Taking into consideration all the technology available, where everyone can be digitally linked into speakers and to one another, in a way to connect and engage.


It is important to note that such types of gatherings require you to coordinate with city officials and city councils.
At the end we implore you to contact us for any questions or inquiries at our event production companies in UAE.

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