Do Temperature Checks Really Make Your Event Safe?

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Thermal screening to screen people for COVID-19 is being implemented in large companies, schools, and colleges. But the question is how effective this screening in is proving if the person is infected with COVID-19.

Thermal screening or testing is usually done using either a temporal probe or a thermal camera. A fever is one of the symptoms most recurrent symptoms for Covid-19 infections, so it seems logical to check people’s temperature.

Businesses like exhibition stand contractors in Dubai and exhibition stand design companies Dubai implement such majors daily. The use of thermal camera is faster and allow for a safe distance.

There are currently discussions to extend thermal testing to large events. However, there are any other factors that could raise a body temperature. And on the other hand, it could give a false sense of security and lead to the opposite outcome you are aiming at. Leading to spread the covid-19 virus furthermore.

Therefore, you will likely need secondary measurements to confirm the infection diagnosis. Such as the new laser testing technology developed in UAE.

This test is based on optical-phase modulation, can give a signature of infection within a few seconds. What is more, it is user-friendly, non-invasive, and low-cost, and it can be used easily anywhere.

So to conclude it is wise to hold off on thermal screening and wait for the laser tech, which will be available only in a few months at the exhibition stand.

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