Crystal Hanging Clouds Hanging Clouds & Birds Decor by Create for Eventchic – Dubai

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We just loved how the couple at the crystal wedding as we have called it, have chosen their wedding’s setting and highlighted it with white. The place was royal and heavenly with those splendid crystal hanging clouds and hundreds of origami birds, reflecting goodness, innocence, and purity, while the white indicated light and revealed a successful beginning.

Create’s team was all ready and on the move to ensure best of fabrication services in UAE to all attendees. The work has started and we wanted the process to be as ever unique! The paper-made origami birds were all well threaded on mapped lines, hanging beautifully from the venue ceiling. The ambiance was that of a royal fresh start and the mission was to ensure we create an atmosphere that represents what a white origami is meant to be; a hope for the future and a joyous eternity…

Birds we have papered were made by origami experts – our fabrication service providers have attached them brilliantly to hundreds of meters of fishing line and hung them one by one in a pattern to create an atmosphere where divine birds were peacefully flying amongst the fuzzy clouds.

The clouds were made of fire retardant Dacron, wrapped around wire mesh framing with internal illumination LED lights hung using cherry pickers and high tonnage cables for safety. Camps were properly used and cables suitably secured to the rigging points. The result was a dazzling venue engraved with harmony in décor and design and the sensation was exceptionally classy and perfectly joyful.

To get a feel of the divine Crystal Hanging Clouds’ by executed by Create for Eventchic check our video.

With our renown fabrication services in UAE and respective experience in innovative design, production, build, installation and removal of event decoration and equipment, we have become knowledgeable in assisting our clients put together an incredible experience that is not to be forgotten.

Stay tuned to brilliant ideas made at Create – the best fabrication services in UAE, specialized in conceiving, designing, building and delivering quality event products whatever were the fabrication and production requirements.

By Create Fabrication Services

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