A Complete Guide to Exhibition Stand Types

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If have to look distinct to stand out, stand designers don’t have to reinvent the wheel If you have ever been to an expo stand design company in Dubai, you must have thought that having a creative exhibition stand seems like a lot of work. It is correct that exhibition stands must look different to stand out, stand designers do not have to renovate the wheel every time they set out to create a booth.

Different models exist to serve as a base for designers to surface out their ideas on stand design. Such models are stand styles, and they are essential to any worldwide exhibition series. The terminology varies but standing styles stay the same.

Why should you choose your stand types?
Why should an exhibitor bother to learn about the stand types? The only reason for that is your budget. Your budget decides what types of stands you can manage to pay for. Some key factors include your goal for branding, the size of your display appearance, venue, and floor space. Those assess the efficiency of your show stand design which in turn determines the sort of stand type that is best suited for your show presence.

Stand types
Stand designers often supply mixtures and custom stand types. Each stand design company has its variations, which they created. But they are all built on the most generally used stand types. Let us take a closer look at them!

1. Shell Scheme Stands
Such stand types are a low-budget option with low effort. Shell scheme stands are provided by Expo stands fabricators. The design looks like a basic row stands, but with no choice to modify in any way. Show organizers will deliver the wall panels, carpeting, and a fascia, usually with the name of the company.

2. Raw Space/Bare Space Stands
Bare space or raw space means that the exhibitor has rented out blank floor space to build their stand. Bare spaces offer the most selections to build exhibition stands tailored to your needs. You may sponsor a rented stand or a custom stand. You will need the aid of an expo stands design company in Dubai to prepare and build your exhibition stand.

Corner stands
Corner stands are found at the end of row stands. The advantages of corner stands are that they have two entry points. Corner stands require visibility on two sides of your brand. Exhibitors often use this aspect to their benefit by positioning an L-shaped banner and several display counters to gain more exposure at the trade show.

Two Corner stands
Two corner stands are identical to corner stands, except that one wall separating them is accessible from all sides.  Two corner stands provide the same advantages as corner stands but with more artistic choices to render your stand design to be more intense. To boost your exposure, you may hang a large banner or use a U-shaped one.

Island Stands
Island stands are the costliest type, but they make up for it by being the most eye-catching relative to all the other stands. It is transparent on all four sides and there are no partitions. Island stands will provide plenty of space for building sections such as a lounge room or a meeting room. The biggest advantage of an island stand is dedication! With a ceiling banner or vertical poster, you can display the high visibility too.

How usability will affect your choice
Usability in terms of exhibiting indicates how often the stand design will reach your branding goals.Presuming you exhibit several times in a year, then the efficient way is to buy an exhibition stand. Since you can use it many times. However, if you regenerate your brand, then it makes sense to go for a rental stand as it allows you to build with more flexibility until you have locked your brand’s visual identity.

It is about visibility as well. Exhibitions allow you to introduce your products to customers from the same sector and it gives other exhibitors that same chance. Therefore, it is about beating the contest. This will be achieved by using the booth space to the best advantage. The more distance your booth is far from the trade show’s main traffic points, the more you need to plan your display stand design to use props and visual tricks to draw visitors.


These were most of the ideas for interaction that might be used as part of your exhibition stand design. Customers like to connect and arranging these attractive features in your exhibition design will help you create an unforgettable brand experience for your potential customers. Contact us at Create-UAE, an expo stands design company in Dubai to enhance your knowledge on stand types awareness for your next exhibition!Source: https://www.expoexhibitionstands.com/a-complete-guide-to-exhibition-stand-types/ 

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