Choosing a Stage for your Event

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Are you looking for a stage for your outdoor event? Worry no more because Create Specialist Fabrication Services is here for you. We provide stages and backdrop fabrication services, and we can make constructing stages and backdrops easy on your part because we can build them for you.

Although, there are factors to be considered when choosing and planning how your stages and backdrops would look like, and we’ve put this article for you to know these important factors, so it can help you with deciding and preparing the stage for your event.


Many event organizers want a big and glamorous stage but some would need to adjust to the scale and space of the stage’s surroundings. You should ask yourself how much space you require and how big do you want it to appear with its surroundings. With that, you can finally decide how big do you want your stage to be, or how fully decorated it would be.


You should also consider the weather at the time you would deploy the event to see if there’s a need for you to cover your stage or not. But to be sure, you can add a portable tent to your stage to protect you from sudden weather changes. Putting a cover on your stage also boosts light and sound provision.


The natural landscape for your event must also be taken care of. You should consider the level ground like trees, lamp posts and all the other immobile objects surrounding your event place, the fire lanes and pedestrian lanes, so not to disturb the other individuals who are passing through, and of course the pathway for your trucks to come through when loading the equipment and for staging in.


In reality, no one is ready for the wind – how strong it would be or how it can create falling debris. That is why you must hire an engineer or at least, your stage provider must give you a design or drawings that are stamped and approved by engineers to ensure safety from these kinds of situations. And if they cannot give you stamped drawings, then you might need to exclude them from your project. This is a must for all event organizers; this is for everyone’s safety – organizers, presenters and even the audience.

Luckily, we, at Create Specialist Fabrication Services are aware of these factors and we implement these all the time. We want our client’s satisfaction with regards to the stages and backdrop fabrication services that they need and we also want the safety of their staffs and attendees – which can add up to the reputation of our clients.



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