Catchy tips for Stages Fabrication in Dubai

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Has it always been the dream for you to have those stunning works of Styrofoam and Fiberglass Fabrication, make up your outstanding Event Production in Dubai?

Has it always been your dream to have your memorable event fabrication with a relatively modest budget?!

Well, we can relate to every one of your precious dreams, we support them, and we love to help you in expanding your horizons with an array of amazingly useful ideas for your event fabrication.

Now, take the time to check those beautiful tips that are going to help you in the creation of a big impact on your small stage:

1.Think of your audience: experts in the field advise you to make the adequate balance between your stage and audience. When you have a small stage and a big audience, you would need to make impactful and large stage elements. If you have a small stage and a small audience, it would be wiser of you to emphasize on the little details.

2.Be inventive: if you’re going to use an indoor space for the event and you face the issue of a relatively low ceiling, then you better try to go for the horizontal expansion which could be achieved through the usage of more stage decoration elements to make the whole set look wider.

3.Be aware of the space: you could gain more space by letting your theater rest in the corner or against one of the already existing walls to reduce the space-consuming setup of your stage.

4.Avoid big light fixtures: it would be better for you to make use of the lightweight LED fixtures for they weigh much less than conventional luminaries and they will help you in creating a larger impact to a small space.

5.Lift up the stage: to be able to gain some extra space for subwoofer cabinets and other equipment, you could benefit from the small size of your stage and raise a little bit to give some space for other elements to fit.

6.Locate your sponsor: as you’re going to use some quality Styrofoam and fiberglass fabrication at your event, while keeping your modest budget in mind you could start looking for a sponsor or more a while before you create your event because those sponsors could benefit from their contribution and benefit their business by giving you the needed support for you to have an outstanding event.


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