Best 5 Event & Conference Registration Desk Ideas

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There are several complexities to consider when preparing an event. Very frequently, event organizers forget about online pre-registration or setting up their desks. The very first point of interaction to greet and communicate with the newly arriving guests is an important event registration table, which is why such tables need excellent organization.

What is an event registration desk?

The registration desk or an event registration table is at the center of all convention-related topics. Indeed, the registration desk and especially people at the front desk play a key role in the operation of the event as they are consulted in any circumstance, organizational or emergency, etc…

Top conference registration table ideas

For first-class conference registration table set up, use the following registration suggestions:

Via email

Request from your participants to submit their information by email. Once this is accomplished, data may be manually extracted from their email, filtered out, and imported into an Excel worksheet.

Via the website

You can plan your events with the help of your website and surprise your guests even more effectively.

How can you use online registration services?

GoogleDocs permits you to set up even large conference registration forms in only a few minutes without any previous experience. Questions, registration pages, and configurations may be of various types. All the data from participants should be kept in one convenient file, which it will be easy to work with. This system is always challenging to implement.

Onsite registration/Check-in types

Event fabrication companies in Dubai use all sorts of desks for arranging and handling activities and give consumers the following forms of check-in:

Pre-registration: Pre-registration saves time. Each user can register in advance through the platform; it usually takes only 17 seconds to complete.

Onsite registration: This is the check-in option for those who have not completed the pre-registration, which is also known as walk-in registration

Self-check-in: With the pre-registration completed, this helps the attendees to walk in and check their QR codes at self-registration islands.

Hardware used at check-in desks: Each attendee can pick their preferred hardware at a registration desk according to their needs, or they can choose the one that better fits their needs:

  • Laptops
  • Print servers (laptops with uninterrupted Internet backup)
  • Printers (to print badges on the spot)
  • Tablets
  • Scanners (to scan QR codes or bracelets)
  • Terminals (for immediate transaction needs)

Registration zone types: There are also multiple registration zones available to the customers, based on their tastes and preferences or availability:

  • An island set up with a laptop
  • Self-service registration via mobile apps
  • Self-check-in for QR code scanning with scanners, laptops, and tablets
  • A help desk with all the above-mentioned methods available and an attendant.

Registration time:  Before the formal opening of the conference program, one of the most critical things to do is to render the enlistment work area available for one evening, or even the night before the event starts.

Registration table signs: Print these out ahead of time, but keep a copy with you. If you’re going to have to remove a speaker or any such unfortunate circumstance, you’ll need to quickly reprint everything you need: badges, tags, etc…

Event registration desk etiquette: The registration table should be a simple visual component of any conference. It needs to be positioned strategically-normally by the entrance and it should always be in perfect order. At the table, organizers should never drink coffee, eat, smoke, etc…


Best Ideas to Welcome Attendees

When you want to be effective at a conference, and plan the event properly, you should always consider the ways to welcome your attendees. Below are a few more ideas to use on your event registration desk checklist:

1- The attendees’ nametags should be printed out and placed the day before the conference starts.

2- If you’ve done a prepaid delegate list, it’s better to make sure certain delegates are sent to a different desk register.

3- Any backup details or a chart of all the key participants including their contact information, names, cell phone numbers, and complete addresses should also be accessible at the desk.

4- Eventually, since the computer network and online registration system are vital to the performance of a conference, any possible problems with Internet connectivity, whether within or outside the conference hall, should be prevented by distinguishing the registration desk network from the network utilized by the attendees.

5- In cases when the network fails, a printed backup list of members will be handy and will save you valuable time.


It is a smart idea to register attendees with the help of a special online reservation program. Online registration is used effectively as an important multi-purpose registration method for conferences, awards ceremonies, summits, and other business events. Furthermore, it will offer helpful tips on event registration, planning, follow-up, event venue efficiency, and much more.

Contact us at Create-UAE, exhibition stand fabricators in Dubai to help set up registration areas that can make the exact first impression and use branding, sponsorship, and entertainment to your advantage!



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