Are New Event Cleaning Protocols Just Hygiene Theater?

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With the new evidence about covid-19 spreading through the air, emphasis from surface transmission has shifted away, and some exhibition stand design companies in Dubai are dismissing sanitation measures as mere hygiene theatre. So, what is true, what is not?! And how to address it?


At the rise of the pandemic, exhibition stands went hectic about careful handwashing and wearing masks, however with the new realisation about the virus being spread by air one wonders why hotels and event planners still invest in sanitation measures? Especially that according to a great number of people surface transmission is seen as rare and there is a growing movement to discourage the so-called hygiene theatre.


Therefore, we asked the experts about it, and we figured out that the evidence is inconclusive the lack of evidence supporting surface transmission makes disinfection look like a wasting of time. In the same context a Lancet article argued that the risk of surface transmission is exaggerated, and lab studies use unrealistic conditions to test the survival rate of the virus on surfaces, they begin with much higher concentrations of the virus than would normally be emitted by an infected person.

With that said it would still make sense to limit shared objects and encourage disinfection on a regular basis and taking precautions and necessary measures same as exhibition stand contractors in Dubai are doing in the meantime.


Finally, it is difficult to determine whether any of the above is considered hygiene theatre based on the existing evidence. And facts are subject to change over time, in any case the event business must go on and survive and common-sense hygiene practices can help doing so.

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