A “7 questions” List of what to ask when visiting a venue or a site before providing event production assets to an event

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The best way to work out what fabrication and production assets to use for an event is to go and see the venue, feel it, visualize it and be sure to measure up.

They say that the camera never lies, but I think that a massive pitiful of the event industry is that venues websites and brochures have a tendency to use misleading images, only highlighting the best parts and purposely missing things like the skip in the middle of the courtyard, the graffiti outside of the conference center or the dirty old carpet that needed replacing a long time ago.

Here is a list of 7 questions/things to look out for when doing a site visit for an event you’re designing. This should help anyone going on a site visit, especially if it’s your first time. Just remember to take plenty of photos to help jog your memory later on!

1. Ask about access for suppliers:
• What floor(s) are the function/conference rooms on (stairs, lift or both? If there is a lift, are the rooms close to it? Are the corridors and doors large enough for the equipment?)
• Is there a loading bay that suppliers can use to unload and load kit? (Check for any height or weight restrictions?)
• Does the venue provide parking for the suppliers’ vehicles, if not, where should they park?

2. Find out if there is jammed areas nearby and what time this mainly happens.

3. Venue Appearance:
• What is the style of the building?
• Look for unique features (inside and outside of the venue) which can be incorporated into an event theme.

4. Indoor Facilities:
• Check the height of the ceilings and width of the doors if you are planning to transport and set up any large activities or equipment
• Find out the maximum capacity of the largest room for future events that you are planning to organize (theatre and cabaret style).
• Ask about the facilities available at the venue (whether they’re available to hire or included in the venue hire):
– AV equipment
– dance floor
– decorations from past events
– staging
– tables and chairs
– ability to blackout the rooms
– business center (what facilities does the BC offer?)
– complimentary extras provided

5. Indoor events and activities:
• Does the venue allow the following…
• External caterers to bring ingredients on the premises and cook onsite
• Noisy events and activities (are there any noise restrictions?)

6. Outdoor areas and events:
• Does the venue allow the following…
– Inflatable
– Noisy events and activities (are there any noise restrictions)
– Animals on site
– Motorized activities (i.e. quad bikes)
• Is there a water point outside for events, if required?
• Do they have a marquee available for events?

7. Additional Info:
• Does the venue have a list of preferred suppliers (i.e. catering, AV, entertainment agency)
• Ask about future developments or renovations
Source: Ref. to Articles from http://eventjuice.co.uk

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