9 Ways to Get Job-Ready for the Event Industry Recovery

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The world of events is changing and with live events being limited right now most event professionals are either underemployed or unemployed entirely. So how can you save your career in a struggling industry. Here are nine steps that you should focus on.


First you must aim at extending your professional networks, to stay in the loop and remain aware of new opportunities or collaboration opportunities with another event professional. Therefore, use online networking platforms, create a profile, build your brand awareness by listing your planning skills, and market yourself as available. Some networking platforms offer virtual networking events, so sign up and engage with other event planners. In addition, benefit from social media platforms and follow top influencers in your line of industry, engage with them and share their content reaching to a larger audience.


Your second step is to participate in digital forums and joining the event industry communities. Your best move is to contact potential business partners directly and expand your business into new specialties. Go to specific industry resources like agencies, venues, virtual event tech services, event production companies, and join major trade associations in the event industry.


As for your third step, narrow your focus on platforms that specializes in event jobs instead of resorting to generic sites that have plenty of postings. Even if you are not planning on an immediate start on a new position you may benefit from these platforms to study the market through investigating what qualifications and credentials are required in the current employment market to get an insight into potential avenues for professional development.


Fourthly, bearing in mind the fact that virtual and hybrid events are the only safe solution for the time being, then you must aim at improving your event tech skills and more precisely virtual event tech. Since this new trend toward virtual and hybrid event is growing and is being constantly offered as an alternative by most event organizers, then the need for further training has never been so imperative. So, go ahead and develop practical skills with virtual technologies, visit event production company in Dubai and gain insights and ideas, enrol in virtual training sessions online or register for a structured certification program.


A fifth step is to stay informed and updated, join webinars, and collaborate with event planners, share best practices and survival strategies. Follow your industry news on social media, follow tags related to virtual events, hybrid events, and event trends.


Your number six step would be marketing, you need to know how too differentiate yourself and communicate value. Therefore, reach out to a wider community and invest in marketing your brand, this step gives people a sense of confidence and reliability in the safety of your events once they turn virtual.


Now your seventh step is to stay updated about engagement trends and tools. Once you achieved your first goal to drive people to attend your next move is to turn your event into a success story. You will need to incorporate interactive elements like quizzes, games, polls, and questions answers exchanges with your attendees.


As for number eight step it is about security measures regarding viral and cyber threats, you have a corona virus to worry about and data security concerns on the other hand to worry about. Therefore, you need to have a look on covid-19 protocols checklist and stay informed on security cyber threats and tech options for protection capabilities.


At last liability and contracts, applied both regarding attendee’s safety and risk management and contracts with suppliers, vendors, and venues.


In conclusion we are aware how much pressure the industry is facing therefore our advice for you is stay focused on networking, professional development, and job sourcing. And if you have any questions or inquiries do not hesitate too to contact us and we will be happy to help you and provide you with the information you need. Hang in there!


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