8 Quirky Alternatives To Exhibition Shell Scheme

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A shell scheme is the basic modular design for an exhibition stand and is usually rented as part of their exhibition package, or provided as a basic frame for exhibitors. With various colored walls available the shell scheme can be functional. Alternatively, you can insert printed designs on-demand into the frame. In general, they come in one-meter square modules that can be adapted to create a closed or open space. Exhibitors should go for shell schemes cost-effectively as it simply identifies your space on the show floor and can be “dressed up” as you wish.

If you have the budget, look at a space-only exhibitor package and build a bigger effect. This should draw attention and drive more attendees to your booth by doing something more eye-catching by changing the walls, layout, or actual stand area itself. Below are 8 inspiring examples to set you off.


  1. Jumbo Blocks

Mainly giant, adult Lego blocks, are highly adaptable and can generate walls, furniture, and plenty of shapes to build an exciting booth area. They are colorful and will stand out on the exhibition floor, as well as being very fun to play with and put together!


  1. High Rise

Remove the shell scheme and use the upward space for signage and branding such as banners, aerial decoration, or art installation. This will draw attention from a distance and make maximum use of the redundant space above. Be sure to discuss your plans with the exhibition organizer and the venue to ensure appropriate rigging points are available and to determine a safe working and erection protocol.


  1. Cardboard Walls

Are easy to maneuver as well as transportation and unpackaging, cardboard walls and seating can be a brilliant and enjoyable concept that will amaze attendees. This would be especially popular at sustainability or environmentally friendly themed events and would be easy to brand or sponsor as well.


  1. Digital Screens/Posters

Bring your booth into a new age with digital screens or large light posters that can move or adapt as the event continues or showcase in real-time various products, presentations, or services. Tablets or touch screens can also be incorporated to house more information about your brand, booth, or products.


  1. Textures

Texture the walls with a range of fabrics or patterns, making them more dynamic and 3-dimensional. You could opt for the carpeting or leather effect as a covering, or use faux grass such as this fun idea to keep up with your product theme.


  1. Go Mobile

The use of a cycle trailer or mini funky vehicles can be functional and eye-catching. And if you can’t move around the show floor a repurposed vehicle will provide a self-contained alternative that allows people to come closer and explore.


  1. Illumination

Lighting can be a useful tool and the booth should be lit with the right effects to help it stand out successfully. You may use a spotlight effect to illuminate your booth or use floor lighting to brighten up your booth and make it more inviting. Also, you can also try using LED furniture that can change color or incorporate a fun effect on your brand or theme.


  1. Secret Booths

With just one entrance and no way to see what’s inside without going into secret can add a sense of exclusivity and play on the intrigue of others who want to take a look and explore what you’ve got to offer. The positive side of secret designs is that they create a buzz, but they’re also easy to disappoint guests if you can’t execute when they get inside so make sure it’s entertaining and exciting and word travels fast, doing most of the hard work for you!



Shell schemes have their place but eventually, you need to stick out from the crowd and to do so so you need a funky solution. These ideas are highly adaptable to your budget, space, and brand so there’s something for everyone to make sure you drive to your booth the most traffic.

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Source: https://www.eventmanagerblog.com/alternatives-to-exhibition-shell-scheme

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