7 Ways to Take Your Virtual Happy Hour to the Next Level

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Virtual happy hours are a new trend these days. Hanging out online, meeting weekly, daily is the new norm with the rise of the pandemic. Here are few ideas that event production company in UAE would like to share with you to take your happy hours to the next level.


First, play a game over video, go crazy try a board game or a dice game, try charades who knows! be creative.


Another great idea is to play online games with your friends or colleagues.


Thirdly, host a book club, pick a book, and share it with your friends and have a weekly call to discuss your favourite characters and events, as well as your hated characters and events.


Watch a movie or a show together, start the movie at the same time and try extensions like Netflix Party that allows you to sync your video playback so a movie pause and resumes at the same time on everyone’s laptops.


Another interesting idea is creating a virtual slumber party, by setting your device next to your bed at night and eventually everyone will probably fall asleep and wake up at the same time.


In addition to all that why not holding a private concert? Have your gifted friend perform few songs during a virtual happy hour, which makes it more personalized than watching a virtual concert.


Another great idea that you may enjoy is holding a cooking challenge with your friends, choose the ingredients and let your friends vote.


At the end we would like to hear if you tried one of our ideas and maybe you may share with us more ideas of your own. Let us know how it goes and enjoy your happy hour!



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