7 Steps to market event production companies in Dubai!

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It seems you have decided to advertise your event marketing on Instagram? That’s excellent!

It is understandable to reach your target audience with Instagram being one of the fastest growing social media networks with the most dedicated users.

Would you like to publish your event and create a sense of urgency without stressing? It is worth trying to promote with Instagram Stories. Let’s take a look at the short-lived content.

How to promote event marketing for companies in Dubai with Instagram Stories in 7 steps?

1. Plan in advance your Instagram Stories?

Timing plays an important role for the audience. It’s never too early to begin promoting your campaign. Advertise your event beforehand to attract more people.

Likewise, advertising the event on Instagram Stories needs early scheduling. Project your plan for Instagram Stories to suit your audience’s needs.

You will need to follow the below steps:
● Important information to be covered
● Ideal dates and times to post your stories
● Total number of Instagram Stories you want to post
● The design of your Stories
● Promotion of your Stories

2. Reach out to influencers
Influencer marketing is now a must. People search for references from peers before deciding on the purchase. Working together with influencers shows that it is worth attending the event.

3. Make an eye-catching visual
The right visual for event marketing should be selected. Indeed, 65% of the people are visual learners, so having an eye-catching image helps to attract their attention.The first step is to select the right picture for your event. You can pick photos of speakers or members. After, you should add text information about the image: tag the featured person, add an insightful hashtag, and so on.

4. Write down key information
Once it has been done properly, event descriptions will draw attention to the audience. That’s why it is essential to have a clear and strong overview of your event. Inform your potential participants more about the event: When and where it will take place and who will be talking and why it is important to attend the event.Be brief when you promote your event with Instagram Stories. You have simply 15 seconds to catch the audience attention before your visitors spontaneously jump to the next story. Stick to key records about your event which should be enough to grab the attention of  potential viewers.

5. Take advantage with Instagram
Stories Instagram has built specific and common features with the exposure of stories to help people connect. Below are several features of Instagram Stories to be used to promote your event:
Geotags and hashtags: Indicate to your followers about your event location by including  geotage and hashtags when you want to organize an offline event.
Swipe-up: You can include a clickable link in your stories if you have 10K+ followers on Instagram. It is an excellent way to inform interested followers and start selling event tickets in-app.
Countdown Sticker: This function lets you act promptly. Notify your followers when it’s the right time to buy tickets or attend your event. When followers click the countdown sticker, they have the option to get an alert or post it back to their profile.

6. How involved your audience is?
Regardless of how good your Instagram story is, it will not mean anything unless the potential audience watches it. A colored circle around your profile picture shows your followers that they have not yet seen a new story. You need to check when your target audience is active with Instagram insights to reach more people.

7. Create a separate Highlights Story Album
It will be great to inform your followers and visitors if you often organize events. The best way to do this is to make a separate highlights story album to include all your events.Why does this happen? Such albums appear directly beneath your Instagram profile. It promotes knowing more about the activities through prospective attendees. The highlights story album appears right below your Instagram bio to make it easy for the potential audience to acquire more information about your events.

The idea of short content such as Instagram Stories is becoming more and more popular. People spend a lot of time watching Instagram stories, so this is a great opportunity to hook up an engaged audience to market your event. Also, many features in Instagram Stories help you interact, understand your expectations and even sell your tickets in-app. Contact us at Create-UAE, an Event Production company in Dubai if you need professional assistance, we will be glad to help you!

Ref: https://billetto.co.uk/blog/promoting-event-instagram-stories/

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