5 Questions One Might Ask When Creating an Event Concept

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When conceptualizing an event, a lone event professional might be thinking about how to surprise guests at the next event and make it a real success… Well, we’ve all been there!

Actually, guaranteeing freshness consistently over time is a common hurdle we face in our event career. And yes, we may pin a concept and understand what works well over time. Nonetheless it comes a time when we are forced to think twice and refresh our concept.


To brainstorm and determine the experience, then to develop the concept and design the experience, there will be useful five important questions to ask in creating a particular event concept and creating the needed fabrications & materials;


1. Why is the event being held?
Identify the importance and viability of holding the event.


2. Who are the event’s stakeholders?
Understanding the event environment is fundamental to creating a spectacular affair. In order to understand this environment, the event’s stakeholders (including all major players) must be identified. The event manager must examine the objectives of these major players and understand what each of them expect. Once this is understood, you will have the necessary information to bring together the creative elements of the event.


3. When is the event taking place?
Make sure there is enough time to dedicate to basic research. Consider the needs of the audience, and be informed of any climactic conditions if the event is to be held outdoors.


4. Where will the event be staged?
The venue choice must represent the best compromise between the organizational needs of the event, audience comfort, accessibility and cost.


5. What is the event content or product?
This must match the needs, wants, desires and expectations of the audience, and must synergize with the why, who, when and where of the event.


Our equipped workshops at Create, and the experienced team of fabrication experts in woodwork, carved Styrofoam, fibreglass and steelworks would go all the way with you, from conception to creation, so as to implement ideas that would create best of innovative concepts.

Source: With ref. to http://blog.cvent.com/blog/

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