5 Must-have Mobile Apps to manage your Next Trade show

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Trade show companies in Dubai serve as a perfect platform for creating your brand image in the industry, communicating with your consumers, and earning tons of quality leads. But it can be a bit of a challenge for exhibitors to keep organized when managing the leads and contact information and the guest experience. After all, you have limited space for pitching your brand, engaging your prospects, and gather all your contact information. The evolving technology has helped exhibitors to handle issues from travel management to staff scheduling.

Many mobile apps for trade shows have been created to effectively rationalize trade fair processes and it is claimed that most of them do not even need Wi-Fi. (After all, Wi-Fi might not be available especially in large convention centers). We have mentioned below five mobile applications that you need when planning to participate in a trade show.


Quick Tap Survey

As the name suggests, this is one of the popular mobile applications for trade show companies in Dubai that helps exhibitors create a survey for any reason, including market analysis, collecting leads to consumers’ feedback. The best thing is it doesn’t require internet access and can be run on both iOS and Android devices. The QuickTapSurvey app is programmed to navigate efficiently and rapidly and includes large keys, readable text, and fast swipes to steer questions. Having strong analytics and reporting enables you to analyze the survey results quickly, generate reports, and monitor users in real-time. Once the survey is done, an automated email will immediately be sent to support the lead.



Leadature is a lead capture system developed for trade shows and conferences that help you catch and validate leads for your business, distribute collaterals automatically, and provide analytics on real-time results. It is accessible on computers, tablets, and smartphones and can be operated with or without an internet connection. The app allows you to scan trade show badges and business cards, send emails to customers, and calculate metrics. Using Leadature will help you easily and effectively shift your prospects from the sales pipelines.


Leadature Offers:

  • Personalize email to customers
  • Allows product-specific qualification questions
  • Direct data transfer into CRM system
  • Real-time reporting and data exports


Pixe Snap

The Pixe Snap App helps integrate a photo station into your trade show booth, which can be clicked by your employees or even taken as selfies by your guests. These pictures can be posted via your official social media accounts including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. The app can help in branding each photo with your business logo, the name and date of the trade show, and the use of hashtags or other promotional messages. This will also provide fields for lead selection and offer your attendees the option to add text to their pictures before posting them on social sites.



Freebies are a great way to engage your audience and build excitement and anticipation around your trade show booth. Instead of using the big spinning wheels or other real giveaway tools, you may be able to use the iPrizeWheel App that allows you to run contests on your laptop or tablet. It is ideal for small-sized trade show booths with minimal space. This is one of the engaging trade show apps that offers realistic sound effects and whirling motion and acts as a great communication tool even from a distance to draw guests.


ShowGo Mobile

The ShowGo Mobile App is primarily designed for tradeshow dealers to help event planners connect efficiently with their sales teams, advising them on staffing, schedules, and hotel arrangements and assignments. The app is ideal to use in both iOS and Andriod. The data will be sent directly to your staff as it is stored on the cloud server. It serves as a quick way of conveying information in situations such as when there is a plan change or flight cancellation.



Event lead generation can be frustrating but by installing one of the applications, you can avoid the pressure and hassle. Never worry again about missing business cards, a poor data signal, or sloppy contact information. Use any of these solutions today to capture options, and figure out which one is the best for your next trade show or conference.

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