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Whatever your event fabrication & production requirements are, whether it's a stage backdrop, a styrofoam prop, a fiber glass decoration piece, an exhibition stand we can handle the design, fabrication, installation, removal and storage if required. We provide specialist turn key fabrication & production products & services using a variety of materials such as wood, fiber glass, styrofoam, textiles, metals, aluminium, plastics and more. 

what we offer
Styrofoam & Fiberglass Fabrication Dubai

Styrofoam & Fiberglass Fabrication

We have an inhouse team of styrofoam & fiberglass artists who can make anything you dream of out of these materials.  
Stages and Backdrops Dubai

Stages and Backdrops

Our range of diverse and bespoke stages and backdrops allows you to create the perfect ambiance and feel to an event. It is usually the focal point of the event and where entertainment...
Event Props, Decoration and Furniture Dubai

Event Props, Decoration and Furniture

We design and make event props, decoration and furniture for the event industry in Dubai the Mena Region. We use a variety of materials such as  wood, styrofoam, fiber glass  plastics,...
Photo Walls and Plinths Dubai

Photo walls and Plinths

Create Specialist Fabrication Services L.L.C. offers a large variety of photo walls and plinths which vary in size and material type.  Whatever the event or location requirement...
Branding and Signage Dubai

Branding and Signage

We use a variety of materials for branding and signage. This method not only welcomes and guides guests at events or on location, but also presents and ensures a positive first...
Entrance Arches Dubai

Entrance Arches

Entrance Arches are an exciting fun way to enrich and identify an event or location. Entrance arches usually signify the start of an area or event.  It is a cost effective addition...